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Parents or Guardians Berrien Elementary School administrators have provided answers to some questions that you may have had in regards to the school during the statewide school closure. Please read at your earliest convenience. Thank you for all that you do and please be safe.
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Educational Websites for Student Use

Attention Students and Parents! Below you will find a list of FREE ONLINE resources that you may find useful while school is closed. These are not mandated assignments, but interactive websites and links to keep students engaged while at home. Stay healthy! Please Click on Read Full Story to access list.
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Spring Cookie Dough Fundraiser Information

Attention parents & students: Berrien Elementary School is working on a course of action that involves the spring cookie dough fundraiser. Please read the details below and we will have more information as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
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News & Announcements

Mrs. Davis' Students Make Solar S'Mores!

Mrs Davis's class has just finished their unit on heat. They completed a stem activity for the heat unit, which was to make solar s’mores. The students wrapped their s’mores in aluminum foil and placed them in aluminum pans lined with black paper. They then put them outside in a chair to cook in the sun using solar energy!
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Mrs. Lasseter & Mrs. Parker's Classes Make Hatchet Inspired Rafts

Mrs. Lasseter and Mrs. Parker's class constructed rafts, which is related to their read aloud of Hatchet. Students were given six straws and a sheet of tinfoil. They had to think what would be the best way to make the raft with only the materials provided. Once the raft was constructed, students then sequenced the steps that they took to make the raft.
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Why Attendance Matters

Did you know?
Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school—and themselves. Please take a look at this flyer about the importance of school attendance.
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September is the month to "BE PROACTIVE

September's habit is Be Proactive!

BES has a vision for all students bettering their own school environment and becoming productive members of their communities. Teachers encourage students in developing 21st Century Skills needed to do so like critical thinking, collaboration, honesty, communication, goal setting, prioritizing, and problem solving through monthly essential leadership habits.
September's habit is Be Proactive!
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Mrs. Ray's Multiplication Matching Pair Game!

Mrs. Ray's class made a game out of their new 4th grade standard! Students found their partner by matching their multiplication equation with the correct comparison sentence that their classmates made for them! After students found their match, they explained why the pairs belonged together!
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What's Happening in the ART Room!

The first week of school, students were engaged in a fun collaborative team building escape room in art. Students solved puzzles, decoded hidden messages, and scavenged for clues to unlock art expectations and procedures.

Week two in art: Students are hitting the ground running with projects.

Fifth graders are learning how to make a gradient with watercolors. They will be adding WWI images in memory of the Otranto disaster. When artwork is finished, select artworks will be displayed Oct. 5 at the Nashville Community Center.

4th graders are practicing their drawing skills with contour line still life observations.

3rd graders are exploring negative and positive space with tape designs. They will be experimenting with watercolor in areas not covered in tape. Students will see what happens when rubbing alcohol, salt, and other materials interact with watercolor.
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Congratulations Mrs. Charlotte Harper

Congratulations to Charlotte Harper. She is the winner of the Berrien Chamber and Nashville Mainstreet Teacher or Administrator giveaway. The participants were nominated by members of the community. We are so proud of our Berrien County teachers and administrators!
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BES Open House a Success

Open house at BES was a big success! Fourth and Fifth grade student leaders welcomed friends and classmates back to school and served lemonade! We are looking forward to an awesome year at BES!
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