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Educational Websites for Student Use

Attention Students and Parents! Below you will find a list of FREE ONLINE resources that you may find useful while school is closed. These are not mandated assignments, but interactive websites and links to keep students engaged while at home. Stay healthy! Please Click on Read Full Story to access list.
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Spring Cookie Dough Fundraiser Information

Attention parents & students: Berrien Elementary School is working on a course of action that involves the spring cookie dough fundraiser. Please read the details below and we will have more information as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
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2019-2020 BES Yearbooks for Sale!

Parents 2019-2020 yearbooks are sale! The cost is $17 and orders will be taken until March 6th! So, Please don't forget to purchase your child's yearbook today!
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Mrs. Aldridge's ELA classes completed a STEM activity with Charlotte's Web

Mrs. Aldridge's ELA classes completed a STEM activity after reading Charlotte's Web. Students had to create an aeronaut spider that when thrown would float to the ground. Students used materials found in the classroom such as tissues, coffee filters, string, tape, and plastic cups to create a "parachute" for their spider. Students used critical thinking skills to come up with their ideas. Students also used the information to write informational essays about their aeronaut spiders.
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Mrs. Jernigan's Class makes butter for a STEAM Activity

Mrs. Jernigan's homeroom students participated in a STEAM activity that involved the book The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss. The book covers the Social Studies Cold War standard. The butter making activity covered the science part of the activity where students poured cream into a container and shook the container until the liquid cream turned into solid butter. Students then were able to enjoy and eat their butter with bread.
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Mrs. Purvis' Homeroom Class gets Book Sponsors

Mrs. Purvis' homeroom students received sponsors who helped purchase books for each student in her homeroom. Each student listed their top 3 books and the sponsor purchased a book from the student's list. All of Mrs. Purvis' students were so appreciative for the books they received.
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