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Reading Plan

BES Reading Plan 2022 - 2023 

Reading Goals:

1st 9 weeks - 10 books

2nd 9 weeks - 12 books

3rd 9 weeks - 12 books

4th 9 weeks - 10 books - lowered due to testing schedule and time constraints

Picture Books - Easy books - 1 punch

Chapter Books - Fiction books - 2 punches

Non-Fiction  books - 600 and lower (dots) - 1 punch

Non-Fiction books - 700 Lexile level and higher (stars) - 2 punches

*Students will receive a treat such as an ice cream sundae, cupcake etc... and extra recess during exploratory time when they meet their 9 weeks goal on their Lexile card. Students will be given a genre choice card in exchange for their punched out Lexile card. 

If students complete the genre challenge, they will be able to attend a Reading Rally celebrating their success!


*If a student scores above 850 on the SRI, they will have a range of 750 and Up on their card. Students will also have access to MyOn online reading again this school year.  They will check out one book within their Lexile range and one book for pleasure reading from the media center. When Lexile cards are completed students may read 2 books for pleasure reading according to their genre challenge choice card.